Boom Boom Rocket Gets New Content


Boom Boom Rocket, the addicting Xbox Live Arcade Game, has a new title update. It also has 5 new songs available for download. What makes this news even better is that the new music tracks are completely free until Dec. 16th. After that the new songs will cost you 250 MS Points.

The 5 new songs are:

  • “Eine Kleine Rochtmusik”
  • “Cannon in D”
  • “Sugar High”
  • “Sting of the Bumble Bee”
  • “Explode to Joy”

The update includes:

  • Guitar and dance pad peripheral support.
  • Japanese and Korean language support.
  • Tweaked scoring system focusing only on accuracy.
  • The huge loud “noise” which popped up occasionally on endurance mode is now gone.
  • Occurrences of scores getting overwritten with a lower score when playing with 2 profiles signed in is now fixed.
  • Display updates when viewing the game through a VGA cable.
  • Friends leaderboard now shows extra information such as grade, accuracy, etc.
  • Multiplayer endurance mode fix for player colors swapping sporadically.
  • Slightly bigger and better explosions.