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Ex-Harmonix Dev Addresses “Lazy PS3 Developer” Comments


Jason Booth, a PS3 developer formerly employed by Harmonix has apparently been reading a few too many forum comments blaming poor PS3 ports on lazy developers. These ignorant posters often claim that the PS3 is the most powerful gaming platform, and that developers of poor ports are just too lazy to take advantage of all of its power. According to Booth, “Sony has all of these people duped by impressive marketing spin”. In his blog he attempts to explain why “ports to the ps3 will never be as good as their 360 counter parts, and why most ps3 exclusives will likely continue to suck”.

He picks apart much of the supposed “Hardware Advantages” of the PS3, such as blu-ray and the cell processor, and explains why they are more of a hindrance then a benefit. He ends his post by saying, “Sony let their hardware be designed by a comity of business interests rather than a well thought out design that would serve the game development community. They are going to loose hard this round because of it, and I hope that in the next round they take lessons from this round and produce a more balanced and usable machine.”

But he is just one more developer to add to the list of those that have spoken out against the PS3. For example, these comments are extremely similar to comments that Valve Software’s Gabe Newell made a few weeks ago when he called the PS3, “a waste of everyone’s time”. Something tells me that Booth isnt going to be the last one to make these types of remarks.