Secunia’s Personal Software Inspector

Most savvy computer users know that one of the best ways to keep their PC secure is to run updated security software. However, many of those same users overlook an equally important security precaution: keeping all of their software patched and up to date. Typically, keeping all of your applications updated can be a chore, requiring you to check all of the vendor’s websites for new versions.

However, one application from Secunia, a company that tracks software vulnerabilities, promises to make that task a whole lot easier. Secunia’s Personal Software Inspector (currently in beta) can check for updates for more then 4,200 different programs. It checks the version of the software you have with the latest version of that software, and notifies you not only if they are different but where to get updates as well. It isn’t perfect though, as some software does not correctly report its version. Still, PSI is a pretty useful application worth checking out.

There are two versions of PSI. One runs in your browser, while the other one you download. The web version can be found here, and the download can be found here.