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Quake Wars Beta


The Enemy Territory: Quake Wars beta has been going on for the last few days now, so I decided that I might as well make a post about it. I have only put in a few hours so far, but I already like this game a lot. I am still in the learning stages, but I am already having a lot of fun despite being owned most of the time. As far as I can tell, the game is pretty well designed, with each of the two sides having somewhat different gameplay but still pretty balanced. There is a good range of classes that allow you to pick different combat roles, and all of them are pretty fun. The vehicles are also pretty awesome, and they don’t feel overpowered like in some other similar games. There is only one map in the beta, but it feels pretty balanced. I would say I have won and lost an equal number of times on each team. If all of the maps are this well balanced, I can see competition in this game being pretty popular. Overall, the game is in pretty good shape, and I can easily see myself picking this up when it comes out later this year.

QuakeWarsBeta_1.jpg QuakeWarsBeta_2.jpg QuakeWarsBeta_3.jpg QuakeWarsBeta_4.jpg