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New Gears of War Update Arriving Tomorrow


Well, this is pretty good news. When they released the Annex update back in April I was pretty surprised that they didn’t include any new achievements to go along with the new gametype. Later, when they released the Hidden Fronts Map Pack, I was even more surprised that we still didn’t have our extra 250 achievement points. I thought that they would surely be included to help convince people to purchase the new maps before they go free. But here we are in June and we still don’t have them.

The good news is that our wait is now over. A new update is arriving tomorrow that includes eight new achievements for the “Annex” gametype and the Hidden Fronts Map Pack. These eight achievements will be worth a total of 250 points. In addition to the new achievements, the Roadie Run controls have been updated, giving players greater control over their movement. Also, the update will also help eliminate some multiplayer exploits and provide general housekeeping.

Release Notes:

  • New Achievements added! Eight new achievements worth a total of 250 points created for playing Annex and the Hidden Fronts Multiplayer Map Pack
  • Improved Roadie Run to reduce getting snagged on cover
  • Tweaked up the amount of damage done by the Lancer Assault Rifle in multiplayer
  • Fixed split-screen players interrupting the other player’s actions when they die
  • Stopped Annex scoring whenever a “Connection Error” dialog box is displayed
  • Reduced the duration that corpses remain visible when hosting an Annex match
  • Reduced the range of possible Annex bleed-out times selectable by host
  • Addressed a number of multiplayer exploits
  • Addressed other general housekeeping