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Xbox 360 Achievement Rules Changed


Microsoft recently announced that their policy towards achievements has changed. Developers are now allowed to add an additional 250 achievement points to disc-based games through add-on content, which can either be free or paid for. Xbox Live Arcade games will also be able to add an additional 50 points through downloadable content.

Here are the Official rules from Gamerscore Blog:

  1. All regular disc-based games MUST have 1,000 Gamerscore in the base game. This means that any consumer who buys a retail game will have the opportunity to unlock the full 1,000 Gamerscore without having to pay for any add-on content. Note that a publisher may decide to deliver a portion of this Gamerscore via add-on content, but the add-on content will always be free to the consumer.
  2. Game publishers will have the option to deliver another 250 incremental Gamerscore on top of the 1,000 via add-on content from Marketplace. This add-on content could be either free or paid. So if you complete a game and earn the full 1,000 GS, you could by getting new add-on content earn up to a total of 1,250 points from a game.
  3. Xbox Live Arcade games will operate in similar fashion, but given the size of these titles they will allow you to earn up to 200 Gamerscore from every game and up to another 50 points from add-on content.

Could this mean that the upcoming Oblivion expansion The Shivering Isles will have extra achievement points? My guess would be yes since Bethesda has often mentioned in interviews that they would love to be able to add more achievements for the extra content they have released since the launch of Oblivion.