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Dreamcast Rocks


Earlier today I turned on my Dreamcast for the first time in almost a year. I forgot how many good games were on the console. There are a lot of them that would make excellent Xbox Live Arcade games. My friend was playing Ikaruga for a bit, and I must say that game still rocks. I have a lot of games for that system that I never got around to finishing. I should go back and play some of them over again (or at least finish them from where I left off). I know I am right at the end of Resident Evil: Code Veronica.

Whats cool is that there are still new games coming out for the console, years after Sega has dropped support for it. Last Hope, Trigger Heart Excelica and Karous are the most recent. All of them are Japan only releases, but Last Hope is region free so you can import it from Play-Asia if you want.

But these games may be finally coming to an end:

According to sources speaking to Dreamcast-Scene, Sega may cease production of the GD-ROM disc format this February. The GD-ROM is the Dreamcast’s only official format, so this revelation would essentially be Sega pulling the life support from its final console, which has managed to retain developer interest even six years after Sega declared it dead.

However, we know of a handful of Dreamcast games coming out in the next few months, so what’s to become of them? If all else fails, they could release them as unlicensed CD-ROM titles.


Whatever happens, it wont change the fact that the Dreamcast was a pretty awesome console that died way to early.