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I have been playing a lot of Oblivion recently. I stopped playing the game a while ago after getting all of the achievements, but after hearing news of the expansion pack called The Shivering Isles, I have gone back and started playing again. I forgot how much I loved this game. Even though I got all the achievements, there are still a ton of side quests that I never got around to and dungeons that I have yet to discover.

Besides the stuff that shipped with the game, there is also a ton of downloadable content available that I never checked out. I just recently finished the Mehrunes’ Razor quest, which I got for free. It’s the biggest dungeon in the entire game, and took me a few hours to finish. Overall it was a lot of fun. I made good amount of money too. If anyone is looking for some cheap Oblivion content, I suggest downloading this quest.

Of course there is a lot of other content worth buying as well. put together a video that shows the downloadable content that you can buy. However, the video is pretty old and therefore does not show the Knights of the Nine quest, which is the biggest piece of content and adds about 10 hours of more gameplay. Also, in the video they incorrectly state that you need to be connected to live to play the downloadable content, something they later corrected in a more recent video covering the Knights of the Nine.