Tribes: Vengeance

I have been playing a lot of Tribes: Vengeance. A friend of mine bought it recently so I decided to pick it up again so we could play online a bit. I played through the single player campaign again and I must say its still a lot of fun the 4th time. I forgot a lot of the plot stuff, so it was still pretty interesting too.

Online I have been messing around with the grappler a lot. I like to just fly around and grapple people as they go by to mess them up. Its pretty funny when you grab someone, making them fly face first into the dirt right before you finish em off. Its not really effective most of the time, but it is pretty fun. There still is a pretty decent amount of populated serves, even years after the game was released. I still feel that this game is still one of the best online games for the PC and if you can find it anywhere you should buy it.