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1UP Asks: “What the Cell is Going On?”

In a recent 1UP article, they compared all of the multi-platform titles that are on 360 as well as PS3 to find that the PS3 versions of the games look exactly the same. In some cases they look even worse due to less anti-aliasing. Not to mention a number of the games have crappy frame rate on the PS3 compared to the 360 (notably Call of Duty 3 and Tony Hawk, both of which scored lower then their Xbox 360 counterparts over at Gamespot). So they ask “What the Cell is Going On”? I can tell you what’s going on: PS3 is garbage. It has a pretty inferior GPU, less flexible memory architecture, a nightmare of a CPU that isn’t even all that great for gaming applications, a crappy online service and a slow media format that many people don’t want to win. If it wasn’t for an army of loyal Sony Zealots, the PS3 would crash and burn faster then the Hindenburg. You can check out the comparisons here, and vote whether or not you can see a difference. Anyone who voted “The PS3 version is clearly better” on any of those is just lying to themselves in an attempt to feel less shitty about wasting $600.