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Too Many Games

I have been looking over my collection of games that I have bought recently and realized that I hardly play any of them. I am not talking about Xbox 360 games; I played and finished all of those. But recently I bought a few original Xbox and Gamecube games that I have not even put into my console. Specifically, the games I recently bought (in the last few months) are: Armed and Dangerous, Gun, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Lockdown and Resident Evil 0. They were all used games and were pretty cheap, which is why I bought them, but I still would like to play them. The problem is that there are too many great next gen games coming out that I seriously doubt I will ever get around to playing them.

In fact, there are tons of Xbox games that I have owned for over a year that I started playing but never finished due to new games coming out such as: Conker: Live and Reloaded, Dead to Rights II, Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter, Red Dead Revolver and Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams. A lot of those are pretty good games, but I just can’t get myself to spend time playing them. There are just too many awesome new games coming out. And it is only going to get worse this holiday. The only solution that I can think of is for game developers to stop making so many good games. Anyone else feel this way?