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Gears of War: First Impressions & Cliffy B Talks

Well, I have played through the first few acts of the game. So far the game is absolutely excellent. The combat is very fluid and tactical. The controls take a bit of getting used to though. I died a ton during the beginning of the game when I was trying to learn the controls and get a feel for the combat. But once you get a sense of how to (and how not to) play the game, it’s a ton of fun. The graphics are simply amazing and by far the best of any game on any platform. What’s even more impressive is that the frame rate is pretty much rock solid with no slow down. The storyline isn’t as good as one might have hoped, but its good enough to make you like the other characters in your squad and care about completing your objectives. The combat dialog is great and the voice acting is pretty good. Believe the hype everyone, its well deserved. Expect to see a review in the coming weeks.

In other news, during a recent interview with Gamepro, Cliffy B mentioned that they only scratched the surface of what the Xbox 360 is capable of:

Having worked on Xbox 360, from a technology standpoint, how much more do you think the system can be pushed with future games?

I think there’s plenty of room to push and experiment when it comes to physics and AI and real-time lighting. I think we’ve only scratched the surface of what we can do with gameplay as well as the 360. There’s far more potential down the road to do more stuff. As amazing as I think Gears is, and my gut tells me I still love playing it, I think we have a really incredible experience; I think we’ll definitely push it further if we get around to dong a new version in the future.

To read the whole interview, go here.