Games 6

Best Buy Round 2

Some of you might remember the previous incident where I ordered Oblivion for Xbox 360 and got a copy of some soccer game for the PS2 and then wasn’t allowed to switch it for what I ordered. That sucked a lot, but this is even worse.

Two days ago I was calling around to stores to see if any of them had Gears of War in stock. When I called my local Best Buy the woman that answered the phone told me that the store did not have them, and that she couldn’t guarantee that they would have them in at all this week. Then she told me that she could have the warehouse ship it to me for free overnight and that I would have it by tomorrow in the afternoon. Seeing as Circuit City probably wouldn’t have it in by the next day I decided to not use my 15% of coupon and just have her overnight it to me.

So the next day I wait and nothing comes. So I figure it might just take two days to ship (one day for them to send it out and another for it to arrive). Well the next day comes along and I still don’t have it. I go online to track the order with the order number she gave me. It asks for my order number, my last name and my phone number. I enter that all in and it tells me my phone number is incorrect. So now I can’t even log in to check the status of my package. Chances are she entered the info I gave her over the phone wrong or something. If she could not type in my phone number right, who knows what else she messed up entering. So now I am not sure if I will end up getting it at all.

What sucks is that if I were not waiting for this stupid package that should have arrived yesterday I could just go out and buy the game from somewhere else.