R.I.P. CS Source

Well, Valve has pretty much ruined the game for me. They decided to “fix” the radar system. Apparently they don’t believe in the saying “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”. The new radar system is absolutely awful. First, it looks extremely bad and too complex. I have never seen such an awful looking radar system in any game.


But what is worse is that they changed the way the radar works. They added what they call “enemy detection”. Basically, if you see an enemy, even for a split second, it gets added to your and your teammate’s radar. After a few seconds it disappears, but this is absolutely unacceptable. It completely breaks a core mechanic of the game (stealth) and completely negates the need for communication in a lot of situations.

Say you are hiding behind a door with a silenced weapon guarding the bombsite. Some dumb player comes in and you kill him in under a second. The problem is, all of his teammates now have you on their radar for a few seconds. Assuming those are skilled players, you now have zero chance to take them out. They will probably just unload on you through the door, since they can see you on the radar. Valve has pretty much built in a wall hack. Check out this screen shot that was posted on the Steam forums:


The guy who got killed was shot by someone who was all the way over in the paper room. Something like that used to only be possible if someone was cheating. But now, because of the radar, expect to see bullshit like that happen all the time.

This makes me want to go back and start playing CS 1.6 again. This looks like a good time to take a break from Source. Hopefully this awful radar system will be fixed. If not, I might not play that game any more.

Well probably not. Chances are I will learn to deal with it and continue to play. But I seriously think this new radar was a big mistake.