Console Exclusives

A recent blog post by an Official Playstation Magazine Editor has got me thinking about exclusive games for the next generation. Apparently she wants to go out and buy an Xbox 360. Why would an editor at OPM be publicly endorsing the Xbox 360? The answer is the $600 price tag and lack of exclusive content

It’s not that I find the concept of a $600 console insulting. Inflation happens, and it’s natural that eventually inital prices will be higher than they used to be. But when I know that a console’s direct competitors cost two-thirds or half of that price, it becomes harder for me to justify shelling out that kind of money–especially when I can probably get the Wii and the 360 combined for the cost of a PS3.

$600 might be worth it if there were several huge titles on the near horizon that were PS3-exclusive. But for the first year at least, there are very few big titles that are PS3 exclusive. GTA4 and Assassins will be available for the 360 at the same time. And most of the big guns–FFXIII, MGS4–won’t be hitting for quite some time after the launch.

– Dana Jongewaard (OPM Editor)

Console exclusives have always been an extremely important selling point for a new console. Last generation Sony had a good number of high profile exclusives (though some were only exclusive for a time) which basically sold the console. This time around, things look very different. I wanted to find out exactly how many titles were currently in development and how many exclusive titles each console has so far. Luckily, Simon Phoenix over at Technophilia already did the work for me. This appears to be fairly accurate. I believe the Wikipedia list of games was used to create the graphs.



A full list of the specific titles can be found over at Technophilia.