GarageGames Update

A few days ago there was a bit up an update about what’s going on over at GarageGames. While it is mostly what you would expect, a few things are worth mentioning. First, the Torque Shader Engine is nearing final release which is good news. I know a lot of people have been waiting for this for quite some time now. In fact I have been looking at it recently and have seriously been considering getting TGE and TSE.

They are also putting the finishing touches on an update for Marble Blast Ultra. The update includes bug fixes and some new multiplayer maps. I personally am looking forward to this. Marble Blast Ultra is actually pretty fun online and this will give me another reason to go back and try to get that Veteran Battler achievement.

Perhaps the most interesting thing that they said in the update is that they will be making some very cool announcements in the very near future. They don’t drop any hints as to what it could be, but I am personally hoping it has something to do with Legions. They did update the Legions site recently, which is something you wouldn’t expect considering they are not officially working on the game.