More from Phil Harrison?

Wow, Phil must like being in the media because this is the second post in a row that is about him. Apparently he was recently caught in another lie and Bill Harris over at Dubious Quality called him on it.

Phil Harrison on the number of Blu-Ray movies available:

We have shown more playable games than ever before, so the signs are good, and right now there are more than 100 Blu-ray movies available today, in the US. More than 100 games are in development, and all the major third-party publishers have pledged their strategic support for the platform.

Bill’s retort:

Well, that sounds pretty good. I didn’t even know that a hundred movies were available on Blu-Ray right now.

Oh, wait–I didn’t know it because it’s bullshit. It’s only true in Sony Fantasy Land, where $600 for a game machine is a bargain and all ponies go to heaven.

And Bill would be right. Currently there are only twenty four Blu-Ray movies available. When the console launches, there will only be a little more than fifty available.

So Bill asks: why the hell should anyone believe what he and Sony says about the PS3’s capabilities when they’re being out-and-out caught in lies now?

That is a very good question.