Games Video 4

More Live Arcade

There are so many Xbox Live Arcade games coming out that I want to get. But instead talking about them, how about I just show you:

Small Arms
Jump around on platforms and fight off furry creatures in this four-player fighting game for Xbox Live Arcade.

RoboBlitz is a robot combat game that mimics robotic movements and design.

Heavy Weapon
Popcap’s Heavy Weapon action shooter, previously available as a web-based game, now comes to Xbox Live Arcade.

Lumines Live
Lumines makes its way onto the Xbox Live Arcade, complete with full multiplayer play over Xbox Live, an exclusive Duel mode and an all-new Puzzle mode, downloadable puzzles, and music and skins from Xbox Live Marketplace.

HoopWorld is a 3-on-3 basketballesque game featuring a variety of cast members and unique environments.

Mutant Storm Empire
Mutant Storm Empire follows up on Mutant Storm Reloaded, an 80’s style arcade shooter for the Xbox Live Arcade.

Stainless Games is bringing Novadrome to the Xbox Live Arcade.

And thats not including some of the classics like Street Fighter 2, Mortal Kombat, Sonic, ect.