New Modem

So, I recently decided to get a new modem (isn’t it technically a bridge). My cable modem was pretty old, and I suspected that it dropped my internet when I had a lot of connections at one time (like when torrenting). I also figured that I would also go quite a bit faster since my modem was pretty old tech. So after getting a new modem, fixing account issues with Comcast (apparently it was never set up correctly, so when switching modems and giving them the new mac address I still wasn’t able to connect), and setting up my router to work with this new modem I finally got online. I was expecting at least a little increase in speed since I usually would download around 450-500KB/sec. So I went and did a speed test:


Yup, that’s right. I went from a 500KB/sec maximum to 2,312KB/sec. I think it was worth it.