Music 2

Trance Set 6

I decided to post a quick trance set I did a while back. Most (if not all) of the music is by unsigned artists and all of the tracks were freely distributed by them. I made it a while back to help promote friends and other unsigned artists that I liked. The editing is nothing special, the tracks are not anything amazing, and I threw it together rather quickly but hopefully you will still enjoy it. At the very least, it should be an hour of music that you probably never heard before.



  1. DJ Avid – Memories Lost In Time
  2. DWave – Another World
  3. Inzite – High above
  4. Power Plant – D.I.V.A.
  5. Lucid Labs – Objects Undefined
  6. Trance Finity – The Whole Universe
  7. t r a n c e [] c o n t r o l – PERFECTO [2003]
  8. Astral Projection – Burning Up (Main Mix)
  9. Aura – Neuroglider[Hidden Sun Remix]