Xbox Live Free E3 Week Begins

Xbox Live Silver users now have free access to Xbox Live multi-player for the next week. While the accounts will still ‘look’ Silver, they have enabled those accounts to access Xbox 360 multi-player just like Gold accounts. Also, you can also play some original Xbox Live multi-player games on your Xbox 360 with your Silver account, assuming of course that they are on the BC list. (Note: this won’t work with ALL original Xbox Live titles, but it does work with Halo 2.)

Oh and according to Major Nelson:

The team that works on marketplace content has been in all weekend getting ready for next week. I have to tell you there is a TON of stuff that will start popping up on Marketplace starting Monday morning (PT). I see demos, trailers, themes, gamer pictures and more getting ready for the march to Marketplace.

So we should start seeing a lot of new content today.