Playstation 3 Press Conference

So I just watched it and I must say it’s pretty underwhelming. I was expecting more from Sony. After all their bullshit from last E3 I expected them to at least do something great.

The majority of the games they showed were unimpressive. Heavenly sword looked alright, but nothing the Xbox 360 can’t do and not cool enough to justify buying the console.

Most of the videos shown were pre-rendered CGI again. Not surprising as its typical sony bull. Then they showed a bunch of CG for “future ps3 games”, which probably means that they are barely in development.

The network features pretty much remind me of Xbox live and Xbox live marketplace. They pretty much copied them there. Good luck getting it to work great. Microsoft has 4 years ahead of them in that department.

The controller actually made me laugh. It’s back to basically a dual shock controller that can sense movement like the Wiimote. It’s funny because most people were talking about how funny it would be if they ripped off the Wii controller, and sure enough, they sort of did.

Then there is the price. $600 for the premium console and $500 for the standard. I could buy a Wii and an Xbox 360 for that amount and get better features.

So overall, I don’t see any reason for me to buy a PS3. I am sure glad I didn’t wait for this crap before buying an Xbox 360.