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E3 2006 Page

This year E3 is going to be pretty busy. I am sure I will be making a ton of posts each day on the events that are going on and what I think of them. To make it easy to keep track of everything that I post and to make it easy to find information on each console this year, I created a page for E3 2006. You can get to it by clicking on the button at the top of the page or by clicking right here.

Once E3 starts, those pages will have a list of links to each of my posts for the various consoles and a quick description of what the post is about. So instead of searching through a bunch of entire posts here on the main page, you can just head over there to get a list with short descriptions of each post that I have made so far.

Also, feel free to contribute once everything starts going by letting me know of news items that I may have missed and by making comments about what you think. Hopefully we can have a bunch of cool information and discussion here once it starts up.