Nintendo Revolution renamed ‘Wii’

At first I thought this must be a joke, but sadly it isn’t. The name (pronounced “we”) is meant to invoke the feeling of cooperation that comes when people play games together. Further, Nintendo said, the written name is meant to visually conjure up the image of two people standing together.

Wii? Imagine walking into a Best Buy this fall and asking the salesperson if they have any Wiis in stock. Actually, don’t. Because when I did, my head started to hurt a lot. Or asking your buddy, “hey did you pick up a Wii yet?” “Yea, it’s in my pants.”

I’ve always marveled at Nintendo fanboys for being more blindly sheep-like and trusting than even Apple fanboys. If Miyamoto told them the sky was green like Link’s clothes, half of them would believe it. But right now I have a hard time seeing even the hardcore Ninty faithful getting behind this one.

Revolution was a cool name. Wii is a joke.