Games to look for at E3

First up is BioShock. It is the spiritual successor to System Shock 2 which is my favorite single player game of all time. It’s being developed by mostly the same people who made SS2 as well. So far, it looks pretty kick ass. Computer Gaming World had a nice big article on the game this month. The way they described it makes the game seem extremely amazing. I hope people give this game a chance, unlike SS2 which had great reviews but mediocre sales. There is a good BioShock Developer Interview that you can watch if you want to hear more about this game.

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Next on the list is Prey. This resurrected PC shooter is filled with some wildly creative design elements–and it looks really damn good, to boot. Everything from the portal system, wall walking, manipulating gravity, and organic weapons make this game completely awesome. If you want to see some of the unique twists this game has for the FPS genre, check out this game play video.

Prey 1Prey 2Prey 3

Then there is Gears of War. If you follow games at all, you probably know about this one and have it on your must buy list as well. Tactical 3rd person action with an important cover system powered by Unreal Engine 3. This game has some of the best design I have seen. The environments and characters/monsters look absolutely beautiful. You can download a killer high resolution trailer here if you have not seen this game yet.

Gears 1Gears 2Gears 3

There is also Alan Wake. I don’t know too much about this game, other than that is it being developed by Remedy Entertainment (Max Payne) and is being advertised as “a psychological thriller set in the American Northwest”. The trailer got my attention last E3 and then that’s the last I have heard of it. Let’s hope it makes a big appearance this year. You can download the trailer here.

Alan 1Alan 2Alan 3

Too Human is looking very impressive as well. There is a lot of hype surrounding this game. Let’s hope that it lives up to its expectations. If it does, this could be another must buy game for the Xbox 360. You can get the trailer here.

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BioWare has a reputation of RPG experiences that combine great storytelling, addictive game play, and the latest technology, and it appears that their next game is going to uphold that reputation. Mass Effect is a massive sci-fi RPG that lets you travel the stars. You can get the trailer here.

Mass 1Mass 2Mass 3

Metronome is a third-person adventure game set in a large, industrial city where you must use sound to solve various puzzles. Other than that, I don’t know much else but the idea sounds very cool. Let’s hope this one shows up at E3 this year too. You can get the trailer here.

Chromehounds is a new mech game being developed by From Software (Armored Core). Its sort of like Steel Battalion crossed with MechAssault, and the results are pretty explosive. You can get the trailer here.

Chrome 1Chrome 2Chrome 3

Lost Planet is another game with some mech action mixed with some 3rd person shooting. It looks pretty unique, and the trailer is awesome. You can get the trailer here.

Lost Planet 1
Lost Planet 2Lost Planet 3

Huxley is a MMOFPS. Think of what would happen if you combined Planetside’s epic scale firefights with Unreal Tournament’s fast paced twitch game play. You can get the trailer here.

Huxley 1Huxley 2Huxley 3

Oh and of course there is Resident Evil 5, Max Payne 3, Splinter Cell Double Agent, and Return to Castle Wolfenstein to look forward to as well.