Call of Duty 2: Big Red One Finished


So I rented this game the other night and finished it the next day. The campaign itself is pretty varied. You fight in a lot of different places throughout which helps to keep it fresh. In some levels you will be driving a tank around the desert, in another you will be flying around in a B-24 Liberator manning the guns and dropping bombs. You can even call in artillery strikes at some points in the game. There is also a pretty wide range of weapons to use. Unfortunately the game does not nail down the feel of actually shooting the guns. The infantry combat can be pretty weak at times; it just seems to lack that visceral intensity that other Call of Duty games have. The AI in the game is actually pretty bad and makes the shooting even worse. Teammates can’t seem to hit anything at all and like to get in the way a lot. They are constantly trying to shoot through walls to hit enemies as well. Overall the teammates are pretty useless besides just being extra targets for the enemy to shoot at. The graphics in the game are good. The fire and smoke effects (which you see a lot of) look pretty good. The characters, weapons, and vehicles look nice and have a decent amount of detail. While the levels are completely linear, they are actually designed pretty well and look good.

Overall the game can be pretty fun at times. Although it’s clearly inferior to the original pc game, it’s the best Call of Duty game on a current generation console by far. Since the campaign was pretty short and the multiplayer wasn’t anything special, I would suggest this as a rental.