Too many noobs

So, I decided to go back and play some Halo 2 on Xbox live. I have not played for a while after quitting a while back but I couldn’t remember why. Well, now I remember. The people that play are idiots and don’t know how to play. After losing a few games in a row and observing generally shitty teammates screw everything up for the rest of us, I quit again. The first match I played was assault. My team was on defense. Guess what everyone but me did… leave the base (not even to get weapons, they didn’t come back). I got rushed by the entire other team in the warthog. They killed me and then planted the bomb. Then a teammate on my team quits. Its always crap like that, every time I play. On the last CTF game I played my team was on offense. So naturally there was a huge useless teammate. He grabbed the sniper rifle and battle rifle and camped out at our base. Great plan, take the most important weapon for clearing the top of their base and camp at spawn with it where you are completely useless. Forget Halo 2 and the noobish players who play it. From now on, I will only play if I have enough friends on to fill up a team. It’s a great game, if only people knew how to play.