Buck up or shut the f*** up!

Seriously. I am tired of reading people complain about their outdated junk. I hate people that feel like the whole world should be held back for them because they are too cheap to keep updated. These are the same people that make me install games over 4 cd discs. Everyone that doesn’t have a dvd drive needs to go out and buy a $25 dvd drive. Give game manufacturers a reason to start putting EVERY game on dvds now.

Then there are the people that ask for help in forums and get mad at you when you tell them they are SOL. They are like “I need a new graphics card. I want to run Quake 4, Call of Duty 2, F.E.A.R., and Half-Life 2 on high settings and I don’t want to spend more then $200”. I tell them thats just not going to happen for $200 and they get all mad. Honestly, what the hell do they expect. Maybe they are just clueless, but if thats the case, how about doing at least a little research for yourself before coming to a forum and asking people for help.