Great games for cheap prices

Since the holidays are coming and im sure everyone is looking for stuff to get/give I might as well post some games that I personally think are amazingly good and happen to be amazingly cheap. Today I am doing PC titles and will do xbox later.


Tribes: Vengeance$17.99
Tribes is back with a vengeance. The ultimate high-flying, multiplayer battle experience returns with deadly new weapons, faster and more versatile flight, in-depth strategic team action, and the first-ever Tribes single-player campaign. On a relentless quest for revenge, the warrior princess Julia must unravel a bloody mystery that threatens to destroy the Empire. Through the eyes of six different characters on multiple timelines, this exciting and new single-player campaign immerses you in all the violent history at the heart of the Tribes universe.
Tribes 1Tribes 2Tribes 3

Set in the outer reaches of the planetary system, Freelancer combines the action of 3-D space combat; the exploration of a dynamic, living universe; and trading in a rich galactic economy, where a player’s decisions drive the adventure.

Developed by Digital Anvil, this epic adventure challenges players to determine their own reputations and choose their own distinctive styles of play. Players can choose to act like police officers, traders, pirates, or explorers for different gameplay experiences. The open-ended style of gameplay gives gamers a choice between following a linear story line or determining how the story will unfold.

The multiplayer component enables players around the globe with their own servers to fly missions or explore space together.
Freelancer 1Freelancer 2Freelancer 3

Deus Ex: Invisible War$9.99
Sequel to “Deus Ex”—winner of over 30 Game of the Year Awards—”Deus Ex: Invisible War” takes the original to new horizons. A diversely branching story line and multiple solutions to every problem create a unique gameplay experience every time. Choose your allies and your enemies…the vast free-roaming world of Deus Ex awaits!
Deus Ex 1Deus Ex 2Deus Ex 3

Doom 3 $14.99
The third installment of the pioneering Doom series takes you into a horrifying, spine-chilling world where you’ll battle for your very survival. Doom III features an enhanced storyline and some award-winning graphics, sound, and bloodcurdling action. the Union Aerospace Corporations’ Mars Research Facility has been overtaken by a massive and demonic invasion and you are one of a handful of survivors. Your frightening journey will lead you through intensely realistic and visually stunning environments as you clash head-to-head with evil. Music by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails.
Doom 1Doom 2Doom 3

Half-Life 2$23.49
Half-Life 2 takes the suspense, challenge and visceral charge of the original Half-Life and adds startling new realism and responsiveness. Welcome to a world where your presence affects everything else. From the physical environment to the behaviors and emotions of both friends and enemies, every move has a consequence. Enjoy the unique combination of pounding action and continuous, immersive storytelling. Characters can assess threats, navigate tricky terrain and fashion weapons from whatever is at hand. Lush and realistic environments – objects obey the laws of mass, friction, gravity and buoyancy. System requirements: Windows, 700 MHz processor, 128 MB RAM, DirectX 6.0 compatible graphics card/accelerator.
Half Life 1Half Life 2Half Life 3

Unreal Tournament 2004$9.97 ( CD-ROM ), $19.88 ( DVD-ROM )
If you’re already a fan of the Unreal Tournament series or are just hearing about it for the first time, prepare to stand in awe! This massive gaming package delivers pure bliss and threatens to raise the first-person-shooter standard to a new level. 7 insane modes of combat will serve up whatever flavor of combat you desire. Unleash massive firepower from ground, air and space vehicles to obliterate your opponents. Single-player computer AI features believable and challenging computer opponents while multiplayer allows massive online battles on 35 indoor and outdoor environments.
Unreal Tournament 1Unreal Tournament 2Unreal Tournament 3