Xbox 360 Reviews

Well the reviews have been showing up for a while now and there are already a few must have games. For those of you thinking about getting an xbox 360 and dont know what titles to grab with it, check these out:

Perfect Dark Zero – 9/10
This awesome, high-tech first-person shooter champions the Xbox 360 with its excellent assortment of single- and multiplayer game types, as well as its incredible good looks and dynamic, intense action.
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Project Gotham Racing 3 – 8.8/10
Project Gotham Racing 3 ushers in the next generation of gaming in high-speed style.
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Call of Duty 2 – 8.8/10
On the Xbox 360, this first-rate WWII first-person shooter is every bit as intense and hard-hitting as the PC version of the game.
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Kameo: Elements of Power – 8.7/10
Plenty of original, funny, visually stunning, and fun-filled moments await in Kameo: Elements of Power, which is the first Xbox 360 action adventure game, as well as a standard-setter.
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Condemned: Criminal Origins – 8.0/10
This first-person action game hits you like a sledgehammer with its astounding, stunningly creepy presentation, but it sacrifices opportunities for more shocks and surprises by settling for repetition.
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