Well I took some pictures after cleaning and decided to post them. Why did I take pictures? Just to use the digital camera.

First up, my console gaming setup:

10007349hw.th.jpg 10007353nl.jpg

I have my HD TV (30 inch widescreen, up to 1080i resolution). My xbox, gamecube, and dreamcast. Notice the empty space in the middle there. Thats reserved for the Xbox 360. I cant wait to get my hands on that and play games like Gears of War. Im going to get some nice surround sound speakers and a reciever eventually. The PC is connected to my TV and I use it mostly to play emulated N64 games at the moment. Running them at like 720p resolution with AA and AF, they look so much better then they ever did on the N64. I currently have a crappy gamepad that I am using though. I need to get some wired xbox 360 controllers (since those work on a pc). Playing smash bros on my current game pad sucks.

Next up, my pc:


My new pc is at my old desk now. I wish I had a much nicer desk though. This one is extremely old. I think we got it with our first pc (I think it was like 80mhz and ran on windows 3.1) so the desk is in pretty bad shape. Anyway, I plan on getting a new keyboard and mouse first. Then I want to get a nice LCD monitor (maybe widescreen, I am un-decided). Then I need to get a soundcard and maybe eventually a physics card. Oh, and of course I am going to SLI the nvidia 7800GT OC once it comes down a bit in price.