Monsters are scary!

Fileplanet is doing a cool Halloween thing on their front page. They are listing a ton of cool demos for horror games. In case you dont get to the page in time I decided to post here what they have:

F.E.A.R.: This single player demo for F.E.A.R. will leave you shaking in your boots…Prepare to freak out

Doom 3 Demo: Be careful when you go around that corner, there’s a scary zombie waiting to kill you. Turn off the lights and play this demo one more time. Boo!

Land of the Dead Demo: Shoot the zombies before they eat your brains in this gruesome demo based on the movie of the same name. You know you’re scared, admit it.

The Suffering: Ties That Bind Demo: You’re a madman in a prison filled with demons in this demo. The sickening sounds of ripping flesh and splattering blood will make you run for mommy.

Silent Hill 4 Demo: Why look elsewhere when there’s plenty of horror in your own apartment? Make sure you’re wearing a pair of depends when you play this demo.

Clive Barker’s Undying Demo: A chilling demo of Clive Barker’s Undying. You play a master of the occult, drawn into a world of arcane magic, supernatural abominations, and ancient horror.

Aliens Vs. Predator 2 Single-Player Demo: Be a scary Alien, a savage Predator, or a crazy Marine in this single-player demo for AVP2. Play it again, for the first time.

System Shock 2 Demo: Take this opportunity to play the demo for everyone’s favorite game of all time: System Shock 2. This game is guaranteed to scare you senseless.

Sanitarium Demo: Your head throbs. In the background, you hear people screaming, sobbing, laughing maniacally. Is it a nightmare? Are you insane? Is it reality? Maybe this is death.

Resident Evil 3 Demo: Trapped in a town crawling with hordes of flesh eating zombies, hideous mutants, and a relentless new nemesis, you must rely on cunning and brute force to stay alive.