Nothing ever changes

NwR 07: you should go get Ncaa Football 2006
NwR 07: game is amazing
LtNeutralX2: is it realistic football?
NwR 07: yea it’s pretty close
LtNeutralX2: if so then lame
LtNeutralX2: you only need one realistic football game. After that it’s all the same, only with different rosters.
LtNeutralX2: I bet my nfl 2k on dreamcast is like exactly the same game as that one, only with an outdated roster
NwR 07: not close
LtNeutralX2: I bet it is
LtNeutralX2: if it’s realistic football
LtNeutralX2: it’s not like the rules change
LtNeutralX2: and it’s not like they added melee attacks
LtNeutralX2: football is football