So, whats going on here?

Well, I decided to get rid of the old halo 2 site. Why? Because I don’t play much anymore and let’s face it, you don’t either. So I was thinking about what I could do with this web space and decided to just use it mostly as a place to experiment with php and mysql. Which means you won’t find anything cool here. I might start using this instead of my xanga, but I doubt it. If I use this I doubt anyone will read it.

So really, all you will find here are various projects that I may or may not work on and random comments from me. I may put up a forum if I decide there is a reason to have one, but right now phpbb is off. Halo 2 stat syndications will still work; I have no plans for turning that feature off.

So what am I currently working on right now? Well two things. First I am trying to get a picture gallery up on this site. Second I am trying to write a small php app that will allow you to create a sort of “friends list” for xfire so you can view friend’s profiles from anywhere, even if you don’t have xfire installed. Why? Because one day I suddenly decided I wanted it. I was sitting on my other pc playing halo on live and I wondered if anyone was on xfire, but I didn’t have xfire on the pc near my Xbox. So I decided to write a page where it would have all my friends listed. Then noticed it would be pretty easy to make it into a app that other people could use, so I decided to mess around with it.

Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions on something they would like to see on this website, or something they would like me to bring back, please let me know.